Welcome to the Brazos Valley Literacy Coalition. We are a coalition of community members and organizations in the Brazos Valley who are concerned about literacy. Illiteracy affects us all. We know that literacy is the key to a better life, a better community, and a better world. We welcome your input, ideas, and support.
The mission of the Brazos Valley Literacy Coalition is four-fold:
To help adults (18&up) in the Brazos Valley who suffer from functional illiteracy to learn to read.
To help adults (18&up) in the Brazos Valley who are non-native speakers to learn to speak,read, write, and understand English in order that they will be able to comprehend medical professionals, communicate with their child’s teacher, get a job, advance in the job they have, and keep safe in the workplace.
To equip caregivers and families of young children (0-5) to help the child in their care gain a foundation of the literacy skills needed to enter school ready to succeed.
To support families of school-aged children (K-12) to foster their child’s advancement in reading skills to read on or above grade level.